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Suspended hundreds of feet in the air amid glistening pillars of ice illuminated with ghostly lights from below, this could easily be a computer-generated scene from the latest sci-fi blockbuster movie. But in fact these ethereal photographs were taken in real life, and show extreme sportsman and climber Stephan Siegrist, 43, ascending the Voringsfossen icefall which is part of a gigantic glacier in Eidfjord, Norway. The stunning images were captured by fellow mountaineer and photographer Thomas Senf. While the 500ft frozen waterfall is regularly scaled by climbers during daylight, he said he wanted to capture the beauty of the falls by night.

  • Stunning images captured by photographer Thomas Senf as climber Stephan Siegrist, 43, scaled frozen waterfall
  • The Voringsfossen fall is liquid for most of the year, but in winter freezes into a 500ft cliff favoured by climbers
  • Hundreds of adventurers attempt the climb by day, but very few attempt the ascent at night, as pictured here

With bright lights illuminating his efforts from below, Mr X appears to be on the set of a sci-fi movie

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